Her Cliché Fantasy

There he is, Officer “Wish He Would Rock My World”. Every time she saw him, her naughty parts started to tingle and get moist. He didn't stand all that tall, maybe 5’7”, but his broad shoulders and cocky, “cop walk” turned her on to no end. He had a round face, red hair and glasses that gave him a nerdy, baby faced look that she found rather endearing. She first began seeing him around town, running into each other at work. Then one day, he was at her station eating lunch with another cop she had befriended. In her line of work, she found it was very helpful to make friends with the cops on the beat. Her brash, raw sense of humor seemed to make him blush but he was a good sport about it. She loved that he was shy but shared the same sense of humor apparently. They exchanged phone numbers and soon they began talking, continuing the flirting via text messages and instant messaging. She about broke her jaw when the photo appeared on her phone. His gorgeous chest filling her screen, pectoral muscles that she just wanted to squeeze right then and there. She could only imagine the feeling of his biceps wrapped around her. Her mind quickly danced into a cliché fantasy. She liked the image of power she gave him given his line of work. She wanted to feel his power, the strength in his movements. He was standing in front of her, her back to the wall. He grabbed her hand and bent her wrist-a pressure point-causing her to move so he could spin her around to face the wall. He calmly had total control over her. “If I let you go, are you going to turn around?” He asked, quietly in her ear. She shook her head and a sharp pain shot up her arm. “I didn't hear you.”
“No. No, I won’t turn around.” She said, “How may I please you?”
He slowly ran his hand down her arm, across her hip and laid his palm on one cheek of her ass. He slid his other hand onto her breast and fondled her nipple, then moving to the other side until both were erect through her t-shirt. His hand playfully made its way down her belly until it rested on the warm mound inside her lounge pants. His mere presence had already made her moist but feeling his hands on her dewy skin had sent her into stimulation overload and she was soaking wet. He seemed pleased at finding this hidden treasure. Slowly he fingered small circles on her pleasure button. She quietly moaned as she exhaled, it felt so good. She could feel his warm breath on the back of her neck as he gently kissed her shoulder. Her breaths became shallower and she held it as she anticipated the release of the surmounting pressure stemming from between her thighs but just when she thought he was going to let her cross the threshold, he stopped. She whimpered and he scolded her, “Quit whining, this isn't about you. Now take off your clothes but remain facing the wall.” He stood back admiring her curves as she did what she was told. He noticed the artwork on her back and silently wondered what they meant to her. He stood there for a moment and traced every curve with his eyes. “Turn around, put your arms over your head and cross them at the wrists.” She hesitated then slowly put her hands on the wall above her, crossed them at her wrists and turned around as if her hands were shackled to the wall. Her breasts were round and surprisingly perky considering how large they were but damn were they beautiful! It took every ounce of strength not lose control and get lost in them. Again, he traced every line with his eyes. He could tell she was self-conscious because she started getting antsy as he began lowering his eyes towards her midsection. She panicked inside. She hated the lower half of her body. She knew he would be able to tell she had been pregnant before. The stripes scarred her skin and she still had a baby pouch. She hoped he couldn't see how insecure she was about him examining her like this. She was exposed, raw, & vulnerable and it terrified her. He walked toward her until her erect nipples were barely grazing the top of his abdomen and she had to look up to make eye contact with him. Her breathing was heavy and excited, nervous with anticipation. He reached up behind her and grabbed a handful of hair and pulled hard, exposing the side of her neck. He bent down and stopped his lips short of making contact with the flushed, glistening skin and asked, “Do you want me to kiss you here?” As he spoke, his lips barely brushed her neck and she inhaled sharply as he spoke. “Well? Do you?”
Breathlessly she answered, “Yes, if you want to, I want whatever will make you happy.”
He pulled her hair again, a little harder this time and his voice became stern. “I asked if YOU wanted me to kiss you here. I will do what I want, when I want, do you understand?”
“Yes sir and yes, I want very much for you to kiss me there.”
Her skin tasted salty to him but it was so soft beneath his lips. Gently, he kissed around on the exposed portion of her neck and shoulder then without warning, bit her, vampire style, just hard enough to make her gasp out loud. It surprised her but she loved the sudden shock of it. He released her hair, placed her arms at her side, rested his hands on her shoulders and pushed her to her knees. She made quick work of freeing his erection that was uncomfortably pressed against his zipper. He didn't have to tell her what to do next. She buried his manhood deep inside her mouth, as far as she could comfortably take him. He just stood there, eyes closed, head tilted back, as her head bobbed back and forth. He had received blow jobs from women of varying abilities and she definitely ranked in the top 5. He rested his hands on her head, running his fingers though her hair as he rocked his hips and arms to meet her rhythm. He didn't want her to stop but she was going to make him lose control and he still had parts of her to play with. He stepped back making his swollen member out of reach of her mouth and ordered her to stand up. “Was I not adequately pleasing? I’m sorry,” she pouted. “More than adequate,” he assured her, “I am just not ready to come yet.” He offered her his hand to help her up and he could feel her trembling. In one smooth motion, he quickly pulled her towards him and scooped her up off her feet. He carried her to the bedroom, laid her down on the bed, spread her legs and began tasting her. “Oh fuck!” She thought to herself. He was so good at that and there was no way she could hold off any longer. Almost immediately, he felt the flow of her orgasm pass his lips, tasted its sweetness on his tongue and heard her pleasure as she moaned out loud. He slowly traced an invisible line up her abdomen, between her breasts, up her neck and off her chin. She giggled when it tickled her belly. As his tongue left her chin, his throbbing cock entered the folds of her now sensitive pussy. He stretched her nicely as he entered. She was warm and tight and oh so wet. Every thrust was mind numbing for both of them. She softly scratched her fingernails across his shoulder blades and her legs were wrapped tightly around his. Her breathing was becoming shallow again she had started holding it in small second increments. He knew she was building up again, so was he. Faster and harder, their bodies collided until they both stood on the precipice of orgasm and with a final thrust, over the edge they went. Warm electricity surged through their veins, fast, shallow breathing filled the quiet of the room and calmness began to take over their muscles. He hovered over her a few seconds, still inside her, feeling the last methodical throbs of inner muscles massage him before he removed himself and rolled over next to her. She quickly fell asleep surrounded in the scent of his cologne, sweat and sex and slept a dreamless slumber.